I’m delighted to be teaching a 3 hour workshop at Adative Path’s Managing Experience Conference. Here are some of the materials I will be distributing at the event:

Leadership Cards Exercise

Career Planning Worksheet

Design Job Ladder

Leadership Planning Worksheet

Personal Mission Statement Templates

Performance Assessment Journal

Margaret’s Prioritization Tool

Graham’s Project Queue Tool

Team Training Request Form

More details after the event. See you in San Francisco!

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  1. 1 Stephen Chovanec

    Margaret, Thank you for posting these items. Wish I had seen the presentation. Is there any record of it? Will you be giving it again?

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Margaret Gould Stewart and Graham Jenkin have managed in a range of start-ups and large firms, agencies and in-house. Margaret is currently User Experience Director at YouTube and Graham was an inaugural "Great Manager" award winner at Google and currently works on product and design at AngelList.